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The Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® program is the most comprehensive ACA designation. Bringing you bi-weekly ACA Thursday newsletter & webcasts as part of the core content of the certification. With the new political landscape things are changing hour by hour and the Health Care Center & Policy Institute brings our participants immediate updates. We have our finger on the pulse of the Trump Transition and are committed to educating Brokers, Agents, HR and Insurance Professionals on employee benefits compliance updates as they happen.

What Does CHRS Provide?

Brought to you by the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute, an non-profit Think Tank and taught by ACA & American Healthcare Act experts, Top National Employee Benefit Attorneys who worked in the trenches in DC on ACA task force as well as the HHS, IRS and DOL, this program has an intense amount of information to arm agents, brokers, consultants, human resource executives and C-Suites! 60 Hours of Education & Training for only $995

  • How to prepare for the inevitable IRS Audit
  • Learn litigation avoidance strategies
  • Gain Valuable Information on forms and self reporting required by the IRS for all large employers
  • Learn how to communicate with employees and employers
  • Understand Fiduciary responsibilities and how to communicate from the fiduciary or the advisor perspective